Where is the mind?

A hard trick set by the brain

By Shigeru Shiraishi

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2 The contents of the paper

It is impossible to reach the conclusion so easily which has been told at the previous section ,“1 Top page”, because it conflicts with common knowledge fundamentally. You will have doubts about the view and will object to each issue of the paper. It provides answers to each of doubts and objections, so it is unavoidable that the paper contains about 130 pages.

The logic of the paper is strict, especially at the core parts of the subjects. However, difficult technical terms which are used in philosophy are not used at all. Any preliminary knowledge is also not necessary at all.

When pursuing the subjects, some unfamiliar words, for example, "the object we are looking", "the body acting to look" and "the result of looking" are used. Their meanings are not difficult, and the words are used after being defined. You may be puzzled at these words at first, but you will soon become accustomed to them.

The contents are as follows:


Chapter 1 It is difficult to feel some doubt against common knowledge.

 Paragraph 1 The true feature of the world of mind

 Paragraph 2 Doubt is an entrance of inquiry

Chapter 2 Search for the act of looking

 Paragraph 1 How to draw the two worlds

 Paragraph 2 Three elements of "the act of looking"

Chapter 3 Reconsideration of the common knowledge about the mind

 Paragraph 1 "The objects seen before our eyes" are matter?

 Paragraph 2 The existence of sensations becomes the evidence that the object seen before our eyes is matter?

 Paragraph 3 The object seen before our eyes is "the object we are looking"?

 Paragraph 4 Our body seen before our eyes is really the physical body?

Chapter 4 Where is the mind?

 Paragraph 1 Where is the mind?

 Paragraph 2 Mind and recognition

 Paragraph 3 What am the "I"?


All chapters and paragraphs are orderly composed and logically pursued. Please read the paper in order, or you might be at a loss about the process of the story.

The question, "Where is the mind?", will eventually lead us to another question, "What am the I?" Because the question, "Where is the mind?", will not be cleared until the answer to "What am the I?" is obtained. Therefore, though you might think it digresses from the original theme, the question, "What am the I?", is also pursued in paragraph 3 of Chapter 4.

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